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Hi all!!!
There's a lot of changes! :P
Now I put my photos to the flickr platform, so everyone who want to follow my photostream please go to:…

There are some new photos and also you can take a look at the new landscape book!!!
Il sogno ed il risveglio (The dream and the awaken):…
This book follow the winter and the spring emotions through the land of Abruzzi and Molise.  A good shot from Italy ;)
For those who want to collect a print of all my photos and also other never seen here you can find a book that shows all of them!

Follow the link and you can see an interactive preview of the book and, if you want, purchase your copy!

Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays :D
I'm sorry for no answering to some of your comments and faves to my photos... but I've not checked the account for some days and there are too much comments and faves on the stack :p

So, thank you all! :XD:
In these days I'm taking the latest photos with my brother's compact sony :)
I've decided to buy a Canon EOS 1000D DSLR so finally I can get out of damned automatic exposition settings and small noisy sensor.

I ever dreamed a reflex! Now I wait the market ships this camera and then begin with the 18-55 lens... even if my target in the future is the wide angle :p

For now take a look at two photos I've taken this evening.